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Stress Ossidativo e teoria invecchiamento, sbagliata?

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A growing number of reports have failed to validate key predictions of the oxidative damage theory of aging.
Whether it will ever be possible to entirely refute the theory is debatable.
Arguably, this is not a critical issue. Theories are sometimes fully refuted, but sometimes instead they are merely weakened, and then succeeded by new ones that are better able to explain what is observed. If there is one lesson from these studies, it is that the time is ripe to seek alternatives to the oxidative damage theory, at least in its standard form. We have suggested several possibilities here. As far as the worm, at least, is concerned, the oxidative damage theory has been not so much refuted as—like Napoleon on St. Helena—relegated. The decline of the oxidative damage theory represents an exciting departure, marking a new beginning for biogerontology. It is time to start thinking about aging in new ways.

La medicina ha fatto così tanti progressi che ormai più nessuno è sano. Huxley | La persona intelligente è quella, e solo quella, che riesce a mettere insieme più aspetti della realtà ed è capace di trovare tra di essi una correlazione. C.Malanga