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[MATT STONE]180 degree health
Segnalo questo sito, curato da un certo Matt Stone, pieno di cose interessanti. Lui sostiene essere grande appassionato di metabolismo ed alimentazione, ha elaborato e sperimentato una marea di studi diversi e diete diverse e sembra essere giunto a conclusioni particolarmente interessanti.
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Molto curiosa la storia del RBTI un tipo di diagnosi e cura basata sull'analisi di alcuni valori tra cui ph della saliva e delle urine, solidi disciolti nelle urine, temperatura ecc in gtado di risolvere in breve tempo grandi problemi metabolici

Citazione:An RBTI Primer

September 2011

Copyright 2011 180DegreeHealth, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide. This publication and content is protectedby law, and all rights are reserved, including resale rights: you are not allowed to sell this E-Book to anyone else. Reproduction or translation of any part of this work beyond that permitted by Section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act without permission of the copyright owner is unlawful.


“Why guess when you can be sure.”

~Carey Reams

Welcome to the weird, urine-scented world of RBTI – Reams Biological Theory of Ionization.  Yes, it’s a catchy name I think.  It’s this catchy name that has made RBTI a household name since its development in the 1970’s.

Oh wait what?  You’ve never heard of it?  Come on man!  It’s like, the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization!  It’s the hottest thing since Richard Simmons bought his very first Thigh Master!  Errr wait, nobody has heard of it.  Well, aside from a few hardcore health nerds like myself.

RBTI was started by an agricultural scientist named Carey Reams.  Reams, in his early studies in soil science, noted that soil with a higher mineral content (among other indicators of quality) yielded vegetation that was resilient to disease and insect damage.  Really outstanding soil yielded complete disease and insect resistance.  And the vegetables grown in such soil did not rot.  It’s even possible to put two identical potted plants side by side – one in mineral-rich soil and one in depleted soil, and watch one decimated by insects and the other completely untouched – even with the plants so close that the leaves are touching.

In turn, Reams was able to observe that livestock feeding on vegetation grown in ideal, mineral-rich soil, also were completely immune to livestock diseases and general common health problems.  Eventually, someone asked if he could do the same amazing things for the health of humans like he had for plants and livestock.  The rest is history.

Reams went on to test everything from human earwax to hair to sweat in the pursuit of determining what exactly was ideal human body chemistry.  Eventually he arrived at the following equation…

1.5   6.4/6.4   6-7c  .04M   3/3

The first number represents the dissolved solids in the urine as ascertained by a tool commonly used in winemaking called a “refractometer.”  Most of these dissolved solids are various sugars.

The 2nd and 3rd numbers, written as a fraction, are the urine pH on top, and the saliva pH on the bottom.  6.4 is where anionic and cationic energies are equal, and where the body picks up nutrients and energy from the food you eat at the maximal rate.

The 4th number is the salt reading.  The “C” stands for “conductivity units” and is basically an assessment of the total electrolyte content of the urine.

The 5th number is the albumin count.  This is a visual count of the “dead cells” being excreted in the urine.

The 6th and 7th numbers, also written as a fraction, are the ureas or undigested proteins in the system.

Individually, these “numbers” as they are referred to, don’t mean much.  Collectively, and paying careful attention to the natural fluctuations and interrelationships in these numbers – as well as the overall “patterns” in body chemistry, they can paint an amazing picture of what is going on in someone’s body.

Reams was branded as being a mega quack for his ability to look at a set of numbers on a notecard, ascertained from a simple urine and saliva test, and give an elaborate and long-winded analysis based on those numbers that often included very specific observations such as “pressure in the left eye,” “varicose veins behind the knees,” “carcinoma forming in the prostate gland,” and on and on and on.  These were observations he could make just by looking at a set of numbers.  He didn’t need to actually see the person face to face.

His accuracy with this analysis was the stuff of legend.  It was enough to earn him the reputation of being a “psychic,” especially seeing that he was unable to really explain to anyone with any kind of real coherence how he was able to see the things that he was seeing.  People from all over the world flocked to Reams’s retreats – over 10,000 in total.

Despite his legendary reputation amongst the formerly ill, and apparently excellent track record, Reams got reamed by the medical establishment – getting exiled from something like 6 U.S. States during his tenure as a mere nutritional consultant and colon hydrotherapist.

Alternative therapies are generally disliked and distrusted by the mainstream medical establishment.  One with wild claims of achieving the seemingly-impossible on a regular basis (like you know, eradicating cancer in 3 months, regenerating organs and vertebrae – that kind of thing) raises even more eyebrows and red flags.  And one that, in addition to all those strikes against it, cannot be explained rationally or has any straightforward and agreed-upon scientific explanation – well, they don’t have much of an open mind about that.  Reams certainly had all the markings and telltale signs of being a total quack.

My first impression of RBTI was similar to the first impression that most people get upon their first exposure.  This must be total bullshit!  But after spending 8 hours a day in RBTI clinician Challen Waychoff’s office for a month – doing exit interviews with all his clients both local and distant, and experiencing some health improvements myself with some pretty lackadaisical adherence to the basic program, I’m now certain that it is not.

With my limited exposure to it, I cannot say for certain how consistently RBTI can perform.  Does it work for 40% of people?  95%?  There’s no way of knowing.  What are its uses and limitations?  I don’t know that either.  I’ve spoken with many people and heard their reports of the impossible taking place – shoe size increasing 2 sizes in adulthood.  Growing several inches in adulthood due to full regeneration of the spine.  Stage 4 breast cancer (1% survival rate) wiped completely clean in a matter of months.  20 years of migraines gone without a trace in a week.  Chest pain so severe that the guy couldn’t sleep on his back for years – and was sleeping on his back by the 2nd day.  Multiple seizures per hour decreasing to once daily by the end of a week with complete eradication within a month.  Tinnitus and TMJ improved.  Depression and anxiety gone.  Heart arrhythmia erased.

The list goes on, and includes dramatic improvement in my own issues such as foot pain, nasal congestion, and pet allergies, not to mention the loss of a couple inches around the waist eating ice cream every day.

Needless to say I’ve been humbled by the results that are obtainable through this method.  And I feel fairly confident that RBTI as practiced by Challen Waychoff could very well be the most advanced and precise form of nutritional therapy currently in use worldwide.

By precise, I mean that Waychoff (and even me sometimes after just two months of exposure), can tell what a person ate and what day they ate it that is not part of the program.  By precise, I mean Waychoff can tell whether a person ate meat or a vegetarian dinner 6 days ago.  He’s like Santa Claus.  He knows when you’ve been naughty and he knows when you’ve been nice.  And he likes milk and cookies, and presumably elves and reindeer although I haven’t asked him about this directly yet.

When I heard about this I knew I had to see it to believe it.  I immediately recognized the infinite power in having such mastery over how diet and lifestyle effects basic body chemistry.  And of course I had to see if it really was possible or if this was just some kind of woo-woo rumor.  Well, it is true.  And Challen is no psychic.  The guy can barely find the Kosher section in the supermarket or remember where he left his keys.  He thinks he is going to get rich off of the Iraqi Dinar revaluation for crying out loud (a cheesy internet scam)!

I’m no psychic either and I’m having my fair share of “psychic moments” as well.  I told a lady the other day that her coordination was a little off.  Her eyes lit up.  I told another lady she had a congested liver and she had many medical tests to back this up.  I told a guy he had a lot of pressure in his chest and his heart was beating too hard, and that he could probably hear it pounding against his pillow when he lays down at night.  He said “Wow you are getting good at this!”

It’s all very simple and straightforward, and it’s in “the numbers.”  And when you reverse the clear patterns that show these health problems following very simple, precise, and effective protocols to do so, the problems start to reverse themselves or simply go away altogether.

I am infinitely grateful to have “discovered” this, and be the first health writer to bring it to a mass audience.  Although I don’t know everything about what it can and cannot do, I certainly know that this obscure, noninvasive, and undiscovered therapy, at the very least deserves its place amongst both mainstream medicine and the countless alternative modalities that can be found in just about every city in America.

It is my great pleasure to bring to you the simple and straightforward methods of balancing body chemistry – keeping it stable in the range where, in the words of Challen Waychoff, “your body is picking up the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals and energy from the food you eat, and your body is healing as fast as Mother Nature will allow.”   

Cito un altra considerazione di Stone sul metabolismo

Citazione:For example, if you jog for a couple of hours every day this is said to raise your metabolism because you are burning more calories through exercise.  This is false.  Jogging dramatically lowers metabolism, especially when taken to such excesses – instead it is the Total Energy Expenditure or TEE that is raised by burning more calories through exercise while the basal metabolic rate or BMR typically drops.  If you stop jogging, it is easier to gain fat than ever before because your metabolism has been lowered by this form of exercise.  This is just one of the many myths surrounding metabolism.
Modesty is not exactly my speciality.
S. Dalî
Cita messaggio
Mi interessa la sua dieta per l'innalzamento del metabolismo.
Qualcuno ha approfondito il discorso?
Io sono quel che sono e questo è tutto quel che sono

Popeye the sailor man
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C'è da approfondire bene questo RBTI... cosa che non ho fatto :)
Alessio Di Girolami
La medicina ha fatto così tanti progressi che ormai più nessuno è sano - Aldous Huxley
Cita messaggio
si, io ho appena preso l'ebook sulla recovery diet, devo ancora leggerlo mano a mano vi aggiornerò
Modesty is not exactly my speciality.
S. Dalî
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Ok, fai sapere Tarullo grazie.
Io sono quel che sono e questo è tutto quel che sono

Popeye the sailor man
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Attendo un tuo parere anche io :)
Alessio Di Girolami
La medicina ha fatto così tanti progressi che ormai più nessuno è sano - Aldous Huxley
Cita messaggio
In soldoni matt stone dice che per alzare il metabolismo bisogna seguire una high everrything diet! Mangiare di tutto di più, chi viene da una low carb deve mangiare più carbo. Dice che stare a dieta riduce il metabolismo oltre che condizionarti psicologicamente, consiglia almeno 30 giorni di zero dieta, ina sorta di vacanza da ogni dieta in cui bisogna mangiare 3 volte al giorno, mangiare tanto e tutto soprattutto a pranzo e a colazione, cena più leggera, andare a dormire presto e riposarsi molto, inoltre evitare sport finchè la temperatura non si rialza, solo allora consiglia determinati esercizi specifici pere alzare il metabolismo. Dice di evitare gli alimenti con alto contenuto in pufa e i cibi preconfezionati, mangiare tanto ma cibi il più possibile genuini, homemade. Per quanto riguarda il glutine dice di evitarlo a chi ne è intollerante altrimenti no, mangiare molti carbo, che sono quelli che più di tutto alzano il metabolismo. Come peat dice che i problemi digestivi, insonnia, affaticamento etc sono causati dal metabolismo che a causa delle restrizioni dietetiche si è ridotto.
Modesty is not exactly my speciality.
S. Dalî
Cita messaggio
Grazie per la minirecensione, mi pare che dica cose dettate perlopiù dal buon senso, o dal senso comune.
Alessio Di Girolami
La medicina ha fatto così tanti progressi che ormai più nessuno è sano - Aldous Huxley
Cita messaggio
In realtà oltre che dal buon senso anche da tanti studi a cui fa riferimento. Andando avanti entrerò più nello specifico e vi dico
Citazione:Hi, I‘m independent health researcher Matt Stone. I am not the omniscient knower of all things, but I‘ve spent the better part of the last decade immersed in the field of health research, and in that time I‘ve made some key discoveries that are urgently needed by literally hundreds of millions of ―dieters‖ worldwide.
What‘s emerged as my specialty over the ―course‖ of my research, which has involved thousands of studies, over 300 books spanning an entire century, hundreds of health-related websites and blogs, close attention to the 30,000 comments left at my various websites, and personal communication with thousands of individuals from all walks of life, all ethnicities, and dozens of countries worldwide, is helping to guide people back to health from the devastation perpetrated by various popular diets.
In fact, in a world full of people seemingly on a quest for self destruction through drinking, drugs, fast food, cigarette smoking, and otherwise abusive behavior, the people with the worst health that I‘ve seen are not those that threw caution to the wind (although they ended up plenty sick too). Nope. Those in the most dire circumstances were precisely the people who tried hardest to eat the perfect diet, live the perfect lifestyle, and otherwise intellectualized all their habits. Like fitness and nutrition authority Paul Chek said in a well-received talk given to the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, ―If you want to see some really fat and/or sick people, go to a nutrition conference.‖ Despite Chek‘s arrogance, there is some truth to that.
Modesty is not exactly my speciality.
S. Dalî
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Non sanno più cosa inventarsi...
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Sarei curioso anche io di conoscere qualcosa in più al riguardo di questo stile alimentare
“Adaptability is probably the most distinctive characteristic of life.”
— Hans Selye
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Attendiamo specifiche maggiori, io non mi sbilancio nel dare un giudizio dato che non l'ho letto.
Alessio Di Girolami
La medicina ha fatto così tanti progressi che ormai più nessuno è sano - Aldous Huxley
Cita messaggio
Intanto vi riporto un altro passo, per farvi una idea, siamo ancora alla parte iniziale
Citazione:But make no mistake. If you think that the calories in-calories out equation can be consciously- regulated with willpower and discipline long-term, statistically-speaking you‘d be very VERY wrong. The world‘s leading obesity researcher, Rudy Leibel, hasn‘t solved many things in his lifetime of obesity research, but he has come to one firm conclusion:
―We don‘t think body weight can be consciously regulated.‖
It can‘t. In fact, a 70-year old person with 70 pounds of body fat has stored only one peanut per day more than they have burned. No one can control a process so precise. It‘s like trying to increase your oxygen levels by breathing more. Cutting carbs, fats, or calories (dieting) is like trying to hold your breath. The longer you do it, the more your body resists it until you finally gasp for air – taking in more than ever to overcome the short-term deficit you induced.
E ancora
Citazione:Like the Chinese for example. They eat lots of carbohydrates, very little fat, and very little protein. The results of the famous ―China Study‖ performed by vegetarian evangelist T. Colin Campbell and associates showed strong correlations between protein intake and heart disease/obesity/cancer/diabetes. The less protein consumed – particularly animal protein, the fewer the degenerative diseases. Wow! Way to go! Finally the answer!
Oops, travel to Mongolia just to the North and you‘ll find very little of any of the above-listed health problems resulting from their diet of mutton and full-fat milk. Travel even farther away to Kenya and you will see a tribe of people with ZERO documented cases of diabetes, obesity, or heart disease also consuming nothing but meat and milk – basically.
Modesty is not exactly my speciality.
S. Dalî
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Dice il saggio Fabietto [Immagine: saggio.gif] : sarebbe bello per tutti avere accesso all'approvvigionamento di carne e latte di animali allevati allo stato brado, come le popolazioni che sono in salute grazie a una dieta basata su di essi!
Secondo me una dieta basata su latte e carne di allevamenti industriali, (questo vale anche per la nostra frutta e verdura) come quelli che troviamo nei nostri negozi di alimentari, è come giocare alla roulet russa con la nostra salute; è come se il nostro corpo fosse diventato il cassonetto dei rifiuti speciali. Possiamo provare tutte le diete e combinazioni alimentari possibili e immaginabili ma se non cambiamo il modo di produrre il nostro cibo e smetteremo di inquinare cielo, acqua, etc. saranno tutti sacrifici vani! :-/
La forma è anche sostanza. Chi veicola un messaggio non può essere estraneo al suo contenuto. Tropico - Chi è musone e triste non riesce a tener lontano la malattia. Tonegawa - Le testimonianze vere di gente normale valgono più di tante elucubrazioni teoriche. Francesca F.C.

Cita messaggio
Il buon senso alla fine non è una scelta che, dopo conferme e smentite, disdegnamo in questo forum... anzi io personalmente la trovo l'unica scelta possibile.
Io sono quel che sono e questo è tutto quel che sono

Popeye the sailor man
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